Sept. 1st 2023 Fall Yearling Bull Draft Partnerships

How the Draft WorksYearlings Available

Davis Rodeo Ranch $50,000.00 Bull Draft Partnership Opportunities



This year at 11am on Sept. 1st, 2023 we will hold a YEARLING BULL DRAFT & BBQ.

We will be offering our best yearlings available for 50% partnerships.

There will be a full brother to PBR superstar 8194 BLUE DUCK in the draft and this year

every calf has a chance at the ABBI $1,000,000.00 FUTURITY and the 2024 $50,000.00 Total Feeds Draft Money. 

 Also there will be three calves available for the 2023 MAIDEN YEARLING FUTURITY in Vegas this Oct. There will be a lot of money to be won and a lot of fun to be had.

There will be 14 draft spots sold before the actual draft day. Spots will be on a first come basis.

You are available to hold which draft spot or spots you like by sending us a text (336-471-3447) on Aug. 17th 2023 at 12pm till 2pm. If there are more than one person wanting the same draft spot on Aug. 17th, between 12pm and 2pm EST, we will draw for that draft pick. We will sell remaining spots up to the day of the draft or until all draft spots are sold whichever comes first. If there are spots available the day of the draft, Davis Rodeo will pick that draft spot to be able to sell at a later date.

You will pay for your spot the day of the draft, Sept. 1st 2023

 The cost of the 14 draft spots:

1st Draft Spot: $30,000.00 

2nd Draft Spot: $25,000.00 

3rd Draft Spot: $22,500.00 

4th Draft Spot: $20,000.00 

5th Draft Spot: $18,500.00 

6th Draft Spot: $17,000.00

7th Draft Spot: $15,500.00 

8th Draft Spot: $14,000.00

9th Draft Spot: $12,500.00

10th Draft Spot: $11,000.00 

11th Draft Spot: $9,500.00

12th Draft Spot: $8,000.00

13th Draft Spot: $6,500.00

14th Draft Spot: $5,000.00


When you arrive on the day of the draft (Sept. 1st 2023) you will pay for the draft spot you reserved. We will buck all the draft calves live that day followed by a DRAFT & BBQ. When you pay for your draft spot that day, it will also cover half interest of your calf.  You will own half interest in your calf up to the time when you & Davis Rodeo decide to sell. At that time you will split 50/50 of the sale. Whoever buys the 1st draft spot will get the first pick of the calves after we buck them that day, with the 2nd draft pick getting the next pick. The 3rd pick has the 3rd draft spot on down the line to the last pick being 14th. On the day of the draft if all 14 spots are not sold, Davis Rodeo has the right to pick in that spot and sell that calf at a later date. That calf will be eligible for the 50,000.00 Total Feeds bonus money.


We are excited about the Total Feeds Fifty Thousand Dollar bonus payout for all the draft calves. Note that Davis Rodeo’s top calves will be in the Draft on Sept. 1st. There will be 4 events held here at the Davis Rodeo Ranch in Archdale, NC in 2024. The dates of the ABBI Futurity’s where we will buck for the draft money, the events will be held close to the same dates we did in 2022 & 2023. There will be $50,000.00 available for the 14 Draft calves. There will be no extra fees to be eligible for any of the bonus money. The payout for the draft calves will be different this year. It will be paid out on an average of the 4 events. At each event you can earn points for your draft calf.( 10  POINTS for 1ST, 9 POINTS 2ND, 8 POINTS FOR 3RD, 7 POINTS FOR 4TH, 6 POINTS FOR 5TH, 5 POINTS FOR 6TH, 4 POINTS FOR 7TH, 3 POINTS FOR 8TH, 2 POINTS 9TH AND 1 POINT FOR 10TH) At the end of the 4 events it will pay on the total points. The calf at the end of the 4 events with the most points will win the 1st place money, on down the line.

 ( 1st  place $20,000.00 )

 ( 2nd place $10,000.00 )

 ( 3rd place $7,000.00 )

 (4th place $5,000.00)

 ( 5th place $3,000.00 )

 (6th $1800.00 )

 (7th $1000.00 )

 (8th $900.00 )

 (9TH $800.00 )

 (10TH $500.00 )


After you pay and pick your calf on Sept. 1st 2023 you are a new owner of a bucking bull along with Davis Rodeo. Davis Rodeo will send out invoices every quarter (every 3 months) at that time you pay your invoice or Davis Rodeo pays you for your part of the winnings that quarter.

How The Half Interest Works With Us

Davis Rodeo will keep all bulls at the ranch.
Davis Rodeo will be responsible for hauling bulls to events.
There is no hauling fee to the events.
There is a $500.00 monthly fee for feed, hay, minerals, pasture, etc.
There is no monthly fee for training.
All vet bills will be split 50/50
Buyer will be responsible for any insurance they would like covered on their half of the bull. ( RECOMMENDED )
Buyer will pay all of entry fees for each event the bull enters. All winnings from events will be split 50/50. These bulls will have the opportunity to enter ABBI events thru out the year. As your bull gets older as a 3 yr old he will be bucked with a dummy the first part of the year and a rider the last half of the year. When his 4yr old year comes around he will be ready for ABBI Classic events. At anytime the buyer does not want to pay entry fees for an ABBI event or a Bull Team event, Davis Rodeo has the right to pay entry fees and will keep 100% of prize money from that event.
All semen rights split 50/50 as well as the collection fee. Davis Rodeo and the partners has the right to breed to there cows. All Out money from bull ridings will go to Davis Rodeo for training.
All the bonus money from events will be split 50/50
You are able to sale your bull at any time. When the bull is sold it will be a 50/50 split

If you would like to talk to Jerome about purchasing any cattle please call 336-471-3447 or email

Be Blessed,
Tiffany and Jerome Davis

The 2023 Sept. 1st 50,000.00 yearlings draft calves!! (More video’s and calves to come leading up to the draft.)